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Wood Art

Wooden "cut-out" life-size custom portraits of your child.  "Images" that are cut-out for all to see and enjoy - the cut-outs can be ornamental, such as angels ~ to adorn your lawn during the holidays, or a portrait of you or your loved one.

What is required of you?  We need a clear photo (or several) that we can verify will make for a visually stunning piece of wood art and a height measurement!  Soon you will be on your way to a unique "talk of the town" wood art design!  This clear photo led to the creation of this piece of wood art that stands in front of a golf store.

Wood Art takes many forms!  One of our clients chose a cut out for a table top in lieu of spending money on a piece of marble!  And yet another chose a favorite flower, enlarged and 'cut-out' for a room divider.  All of this is wood art and we love to stretch our imaginations to find many avenues of expression!Quality Materials.  A high grade 3/8" to 1/4" plywood is used on our projects.  It is first sanded and then sealed for protection  as well as to allow the wood to receive the paint well.  After the cut-out is painted, coats of varnish will thoroughly cover it to ensure it will remain weatherproof.

Wood Art is perfect for advertising a business or to enjoy a stage of your child or grandchild's life for seasons to come.

Advertise your Business in a NEW, creative, and eye-catching way!  Picture yourself or a member of your family posing outside of your business establishment, perhaps holding something you sell ~ as if they are showing it to everyone!  This is what Wood Art can provide ~ a permanent, wooden advertisement that will draw interest in your business while bringing a smile to your customer's face!
Wood Art makes for a perfect venue to advertise a business product in a creative, yet eye-catching way!

TrompeL'oeil ~ the art of 'fooling the eye' ~ you will see this technique in various areas of our work - from wood art to murals.  Its fun to have someone take that 'second look' to see if it is really REAL or not!

Wood Art

Click on the images below to enlarge.

The following are examples of previously created Wood Cut-Outs.  Beneath each image is a short description about the inspiration behind the project.  The Price Scale for both Child and Adult Wood Art is below.  If you desire a particular size that is not represented below, please contact us. 

Wood Art Price Scale:
All sizes require an initial deposit to begin work.

One Child $250.00 $125.00
One Adult $350.00 and up $150.00
Yard Angel $350.00 and up $150.00

Wood Art Gallery

8 Ft. Wooden Angel

Patriotic Wooden Angel

Boy in Blue Wooden Cut-Out

Pink & Burgundy Angel
A living room oil painting was the inspiration for our client. She asked that the lady in pink be duplicated as a lawn angel for the Christmas Season. She measured 4'x6'.

Patriotic Angel
To show love for God and country, this angel stood valiantly this last holiday 2003 Holiday Season. Measures 4'x6'.

Boy in Blue
This piece was created for the boy's section of a children's store.

Wooden Cut-Out Golfing Boys

Jacob Wooden Cut-Out

OPM Wooden Cut-Out

Grandsons to a Golfer
These boys were created for a grandfather's front yard facing the golf course!

Jacob, my grandson, stands in my garden. He is 10 now, but was 4 in this art!

O.P. Murphy & Sons
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of O.P. Murphy & Sons, we featured this wood art of the much loved grandfather, O.P. The photo used was very old and small. The only bright color used on this piece is the red tomato in his hand.

Girl in Peach Wooden Cut-Out

Lily and the Pumpkin Wooden Cut-Out

Calla Lily Wooden Screen

Peach Girl
This young lady was used in a child's boutique in Victorian Village, Branson, MO.

Lily and the Pumpkins
Lily (one of Brenda's granddaughters), last Thanksgiving. Brenda loved this photo so much she painted it in wood and placed it in her year through the season with pumpkins all around it

Calla Lilies Wooden Screen
This client had a love for Calla Lilies.

Floral Wooden Table-top

A hearty welcome for any who entered his store! Little Miss Elizabeth

Tabletop Floral
This tabletop wood art was from 1/4" plywood and topped with glass.

This piece was created from this photo. Placed in front of a golf store with a golf club!


Little Miss Elizabeth
This precious little girl was inspired by this photo.
View some of the floral details of this life-size wood art cut-out's dress and her lovely shoes too!  Little Miss Elizabeth takes great delight in her very own Wood Art Cut-Out.

Emerald May is pretty in pink in this customized wood cut-out. No puppy dog tails here - Dylan. Thomas - the cutest little baby face.

Emerald May
Pretty in Pink, this adorable little girl wood cut-out stands as tall as our little Lily.

What are little boys made of? Well not wood, but it sure frames little Dylan well, doesn't it?
Our babes are only this young for a season.  He's got the cutest little baby face.

If you like the idea of a portrait of your child on wood, try a portrait on their clothes!  The artists behind Swirls and Twirls are recognized for their inventive and vibrant painted denim.  Go here to see more.

Rejoice in the Lord Always. Again I will say, Rejoice!!!!! Phil.4:4 NKJV


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