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Wall Murals, Florals, Vegetables & Fruit!  A 'tasteful' cornucopia of vegetables and fruit sit alongside breathtaking florals and fanciful wall murals for the eclectic collector's table.  Previous designs include 23 foot angels descending upon a theatre, a quiet garden scene, to a relaxing Italian Villa view in the length of a hallway.

The following gallery displays murals painted directly on walls or on un-stretched canvas.  These murals can easily be moved and mailed.  Wall Murals are to be hung by stapling the canvas directly to the wall or hung by *rods attached to the top and bottom of the mural canvas.

TrompeL'oeil ~ the art of 'fooling the eye' ~ you will see this technique in various areas of our work - from murals to wood art.  Its fun to have someone take that 'second look' to see if it is really REAL or not!

Our artists reside in San Antonio, Texas.  Please contact us to negotiate pricing for any local work desired for large, directly-painted wall murals.


Custom Paintings and Wall Murals

The following are samples of previous custom paintings and wall murals.  Beneath each image is a short description about the inspiration behind the project.  The Price Scale for custom paintings can be found below. 

The Swirls and Twirls design team is ready to paint your request!  Request a specific size for yourself or as a gift.  Have it within two weeks (or sooner) if needed.  Simply communicate your needs to us via email and we'll begin your personal custom designed painting. 

Custom Paintings Price Scale:
All sizes require an initial deposit to begin work.

8x10" $75.00 $37.50
11x14" $125.00 $75.00
20x24" $175.00 $87.50
24x30" $250.00 $125.00
24x36" $250.00 $125.00

Contact us for a quote on custom-sized projects of varying sizes.  The 4'x6' flag pictured below was completed for $1000.00.  The painted wall groupings (9 canvas pictures) were designed for $1500.00 each.  Please contact us with your desired project.  Prices will vary according to content, size, and time required to complete your specific custom design.

Interested in a Wall Mural for your home, business establishment or elsewhere?  Wall Murals are the perfect way to personalize a space or highlight a business product or service.  Wall Murals require a 50% deposit with the remainder due upon completion.  There is no charge for the initial conference or the planning.  Please contact us for more details or let us know of your interest.


Wall Murals

Designs divinely inspired...
Swirl in our thoughts ...
Expressed through the stroke of a brush.
Across a palette ripe for harvest.

Click on the images below to enlarge.


Angel Acrylic
Braschler Theatre Lobby, over door.
Branson, MO

Braschler Theatre Lobby, over door.
Branson, MO

Lady Dee
Model is Owner of Victorian Village, Dee Crawford
Branson, MO - mural continues to circle the entire lobby.

Garden Scene
Acrylic Painting on a Pocket Sliding Door of a private residence.

Garden Scene II
Acrylic Lobby in Victorian Village
Branson, MO

Italian Scene
Acrylic in private residence at end of hall.

Private Residence
Wall over corner, curved fireplace.

Soda Shop
Wall in Soda Shop located in Victorian Village
Branson, MO

Soda Shop II
Close-up of Owner, Jerry Crawford, as a young boy.

Fleur de'lis Wall Border
Private Residence
Non-repeating design, design as painted by artist.

Angel in the Clouds
A mural within a shopping mall, the angels are a subtle effect in the clouds.


Click on the images below to enlarge.


Funky Floral

Oil-watercolor look - 3'x3'.

Lilies for Lily
24 x 36 Oil.

Modern Floral
Pastel - 4 x 5'.

Red Rose Bud
Oil - 11 x 14".

Coral Rose
Oil - 24 x 30".

Multi Rose
Oil - 24 x 30".

Yellow Rose
Oil - 24 x 30".

Yellow Rose Bud
Oil - 11 x 14".

Oil - 24 x 36".

Magnolia with Berries
Acrylic - 11 x 14".

Magnolia - Rust Tones
Acrylic - 11 x 14".

Bird of Paradise Oil Painting

Still Life
Oil on Watercolor Paper
Feeling of Monochromatic-16 x 24".

Bird of Paradise
Oil - 18 x 24".

Additional Paintings

Click on the images below to enlarge.

We show many tomato paintings in our gallery due to a large tomato company purchase, however, we can do your favorite flower, fruit or any other idea you dream up!


Oil- 20 x 24".

Tomato Close-up
Oil - 5 x 7'.

Tomato 1
Oil - 20 x 24".

Tomato 2
Oil - 24 x 36".

Tomato 3
Oil - 24 x 36".

Tomato 4
Oil - 20 x 24".

Tomato 5
Oil - 20 x 24".

Tomatoes with Sunflowers
Oil - 11 x 14".

Tomato with Vines
Oil - 18 x 24".

Veggies by Donna
Oil - 20 x 24".

Oil - 20 x 24".

Grouping of 9 canvases
2' x 2' each - Oil.

Grouping of 9 canvases
2' x 2' each - Oil.

Oil - 4' x 6'.


Two Girls in Red
A client's favorite photo ever of her children.  Taken from a photo, this portrait was painted in Oil for her husband.


*Please note:  Canvas Rods are not included with Wall Mural pricing/shipments.

Rejoice in the Lord Always. Again I will say, Rejoice!!!!! Phil.4:4 NKJV


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