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Custom Designs

If you are looking to have a one-of-a-kind painted creation for you, your home or your child, look no further.  Swirls and Twirls specializes in custom designed painted clothing, accessories, paintings and wood art.  Maybe you have a vision you have sketched out on paper and can mail or scan it in to us, a specific style of clothing you saw in a store or magazine or even a desire to accent a room or area with a specialized painting or piece of wood art.  If so, a custom reservation is what you need.

How do I get a custom design reservation?  On the navigation bar at left, Swirls and Twirls offers a variety of palettes; painted clothing, beaded jewelry, wood art, paintings (found in our gallery), etc... On each page are selections either for sale or previously made.  Draw inspiration from the current designs to request a personal design or simply ask for a 'like' design from what has already been created.  Recognize that each work is an original and may vary from another.  Custom design reservations are secured when the requested deposit has been paid.  You will then be contacted by one of the Swirls and Twirls design team for more details.  

The Nitty Gritty of Custom Reservations. Custom designs will require a good amount of communication.  On your part, you will need to think through what you desire and email us with as much detail about your ideas as you can.  The Swirls and Twirls design team will correspond with you until they are comfortable with what you desire and then set to work.  The following information is what you need to consider and include when you purchase a custom reservation.

  • Clothing Size (if a painted clothing item)
  • Style/Design/Texture choices - start with a rough idea (unless you know exactly what you want) and we'll work with you through email correspondence.
  • Submit a Picture (if you desire a painting or wood art cut-out inspired by a photograph)
  • Color preferences  (Are you outfitting a room with a new painting?  Looking for an accent piece?  Wanting a piece of yard art?)
  • Anything else that would help explain your desired custom order more specifically.
  • Time Frame - please consider that custom work requires allowing 4 to 6 weeks, though most are completed beneath that time allotment.

There is an initial, non-refundable deposit for ANY custom-designed paintings or wood-art.  The Swirls and Twirls custom design deposit fees will vary depending on the style, size, selection, and construction elements.  Please contact us BEFORE placing your Custom Design Reservation for an *estimate if desired.  Custom Design work will never be less than a $75.00 non-refundable deposit.  Please be certain you desire custom work before purchasing.  Custom Designs are subject to their own refund/cancellation policies.

Please note: Swirls and Twirls does not offer layaway plans and/or payment plans for custom orders.

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◊  Read our Return Policies.


*Swirls and Twirls will offer an estimate on custom work based on correspondence and the customer's explanation of what is desired.  If the design changes or any elements are added that were not originally discussed, this estimate can change.  This is simply an estimate and not at all a binding agreement.   Records are maintained of all email correspondences and agreement on the customer's part to continue with the design is binding.

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