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About Us

Let's start with "mom", Brenda, a self-taught artist with tons of experience! Brenda has perfected her skill using oils and acrylics on numerous surfaces, including canvas, wood, clothing, and even wall murals!

Now for the daughter, Donna, who is a single mom of lovely Lily! Donna graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The University of Texas at San Antonio. Her experiences include: drawing and painting in various mediums, also on various surfaces. Donna also has a love for photographing nature and her beautiful daughter~ Much of her inspiration comes from this! Hand strung stone and glass beaded jewelry is another of Donna's passions!

With all of these things combined together, SWIRLS AND TWIRLS hopes to provide you with a number of original items including: hand painted clothing designs for children, wooden "cutout" life-size custom portraits of your child, women's stone jewelry, and even beaded jewelry for your little princess~ Our gallery will feature paintings, wall murals, and past work to offer for custom work also~ Let us design for you, your home, your child ~ We LOVE a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~On a Personal Note~

I have been blessed all my life by God's unfailing love and guidance: my loving parents, my prince charming, God-fearing husband, Joe, whom I adore, my five precious children, five wonderful grandchildren, and a son and a daughter-in-law I love as my own!

God's strength, comfort, and peace was with me when I lost three brothers to various tragedies. And His strength, mercy, and great wisdom carried me through my fifth pregnancy, miraculously, with breast cancer and surgery and a year of chemo, after radiation.

Today, I stand before you testifying of HIS fragrance and HIS magnificence and HIS might and glory. Life is beautiful!!! If we can make you smile and share His love with you, well, Praise Him, and pass it on!!!!!

Much love and many blessings, because of Jesus, Brenda Murphy.

Rejoice in the Lord Always. Again I will say, Rejoice!!!!! Phil.4:4 NKJV


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